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Hump Day How To TRES!

Someone is excited about the Superbowl!
Not because I want to watch or I even know who’s playing, but because I get to make another nifty DIY!

This time it’s functional…Sort of. If you don’t move too much when you use it.

Sit back and strap in for the Hump Day How To:


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Hump Day How To TWO!!!!

I done did it again!
Made another video that teaches you some valuable skills.

Watch. Learn. Be enthralled.

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First Ever Hump Day How To!!!

I made a video!
I defied laziness and recorded myself saying some things into a camera while making a thing!

Every week on magical Hump Day I will take you through a very fun and VERY useful DIY! This week is no exception as it is the first week of my evil plan! muahahahaha

Check it out!

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