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NEXT Friday the 25th SAVE THE DATE!
It’s going to be the first live show at The Experiment Comedy Gallery !!!
There will be music, food, comedy, people you like…
SO many reasons to come out.

We’re super excited about this lineup!
Anna Phillips
Sean O’Brien
Lane Pieschel
Sue Smith
Pete Lee
Megan Sass
& Montgomery Streets

Show starts at 7:30 so get our of work (or bed) early!


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Eliana the HuttPeople say sex sells, so I’m using all my sexuality to get you to these shows this week:

8/25: 7:30pm @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club
8/26: 7:30pm @ Syracuse FunnyBone
8/27: 7:30pm @ Hartford FunnyBone
8/28: 8:00pm @ The Village Lantern
8/30: 7:30pm @ Harford FunnyBone

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This Thursday Storytelling!!!

You’ve heard me do stand up, I’m assuming, but have you heard me tell a story???
If not GET IT TOGETHER and come watch me this Thursday 2/19!


Storytellers Live SHow

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I got into the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival!!

FLCF_Thumbnail 2015Woot Woot!
Someone liked my tape!
So that means I get to see upstate New York for the second time in my life!

Finger Lakes Map
They ACTUALLY look like fingers!!!!

I can’t wait!

If you live in this part of the world and desperately want to see my face, calm down. You have internet.
Also Click Here so you can see my face in person.

Just don’t touch it. Please.

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Happy Hump Day

Here’s a little something to get you through the day

I now have this on loop in my heart.


And if you aren’t busy tonight you should come out to Camp for FREE PIZZA AND COMEDY YIKES!!!!!

Here are the deets:

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