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Things You Do While Waiting to Hear Back from a Job Your REALLY Want

1. Watch the entirety of Season 4 Dexter.

Rita’s dead?!?!?! oh wait, everybody knew that IN 2008!!

2. Personal Grooming.


3. Retail Therapy

4. Learn a new language on Duolingo and get frustrated when you can’t figure out how to say “I got the job!” in French.


6. Figure out where all my favorite 90’s sitcom stars went.

youn g grid-cell-12234-1380679502-5

Brendan Lambert AKA Frank’s son on the CLASSIC Step-by-Step AKA Josh Byne is now a Renaissance Fair enthusiast. Can you IMAGINE!??!?!
(Recon provided by Buzzfeed)

7. Find every Labradoodle on Pinterest and then REPIN them with the tag Poo-brador.


POO-brador with a snow beard!


8. Take Every quiz on Buzzfeed.
buzzfeed results

Every time…
(Results courtesy of Buzzfeed)

9. Write “Just thinking about you” letters to 30 of your closest friends.

10. Give your dog a haircut.

dog haircut

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Bitches’ Brew Comedy Night!

bitches brew promoBitches’ Brew Comedy Night will debut on January 29, 2013 at 8PM. The show will feature some of the finest comedic acts in Brooklyn. Arrive early to reserve your seat. 

Hosted by Naomi Karavani and Eliana Horeczko

Stand Up by 
Emily Winter (BackFat Variety, NBC Writer’s Workshop Finalist)
Meghan O’Keefe (VH1)
Pete Lee (Best Week Ever, Comedy Central)
and Frank Liotti (Caroline’s)

Stories by
Liza Dye(UCB Diversity Scholarship)

and Music by 
Maya Solovéy (Womb Room Music)

Bitches’ Brew happens every last Wednesday of the month at 8 PM at Lucey’s Lounge (475 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn)

Check out our tumblr event page:

Check out our production team:

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It’s show time at the most Hipster-y place on earth!

cobraBusiness in the front, comedy in the back.

Just like all the rattails you see in Williamsburg!

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Bitch Please!

My new favorite phrase is also the name of my show tonight!

Produced by myself and the FANTASTIC Frangela, it’s going to be AMAZE-BALLS!

On the line up:




Show starts at 7:30PM

@ Room 5

143 S La Brea

Above the Amalfi Restaurant

Bitch Please flyer

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Santa Monica Hostel!!

hostel_halloween_wallpaperStand up in a hostel!??!?!?!

We know what happens in hostels…dismemberment. And Comedy!




Check me out at the Santa Monica Hostel

June 1, 2013
1436 Second Street
Santa Monica, CA

Bring your laughs and knowledge of the German language.

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