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I got Press! Just a mention but I’ll take it!

Holla NOLA!!!

You can read the whole thing here!

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New Year New O’Leans!

I’m going to New Orleans and alls I wanna do is make the comedies at NOCAF and find these hot taters!

Just in case you live in the furthest corners of my mind, and don’t get the daily news of my life: I’M GOING TO NEW ORLEANS!!!!

I haven’t been there since I was 3 so this is a pretty exciting day for me. I’m going to use my big blue eyes to woo the street musicians the same way I did when I was ballin’ in my stroller.

I’ll be performing in the New Orleans Comedy Festival from January 16th-19th, because the south is kind to my ego.

Stay tuned for tons of Instagrams of fried things and tits!


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