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I got into the Finger Lakes Comedy Festival!!

FLCF_Thumbnail 2015Woot Woot!
Someone liked my tape!
So that means I get to see upstate New York for the second time in my life!

Finger Lakes Map
They ACTUALLY look like fingers!!!!

I can’t wait!

If you live in this part of the world and desperately want to see my face, calm down. You have internet.
Also Click Here so you can see my face in person.

Just don’t touch it. Please.

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Cleveland I’m a-comin’!!!!



November 17 & 18 I’ll be in Cleveland OH for the Cleveland Comedy Festival!!

I’m SUPES excited to the point where I’ve started abbrevs for most of my words*!

My face is on the performer page which makes it true!

Here are my shows!
November 17th @ CCF: Playhouse Square Kennedy’s Theater (Cleveland, OH)
November 18th @ CCF: Cleveland Bop Stop (Cleveland, OH)

*Three consonants and higher, not including proper nouns.

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I got Press! Just a mention but I’ll take it!

Holla NOLA!!!

You can read the whole thing here!

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