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Things You Do While Waiting to Hear Back from a Job Your REALLY Want

1. Watch the entirety of Season 4 Dexter.

Rita’s dead?!?!?! oh wait, everybody knew that IN 2008!!

2. Personal Grooming.


3. Retail Therapy

4. Learn a new language on Duolingo and get frustrated when you can’t figure out how to say “I got the job!” in French.


6. Figure out where all my favorite 90’s sitcom stars went.

youn g grid-cell-12234-1380679502-5

Brendan Lambert AKA Frank’s son on the CLASSIC Step-by-Step AKA Josh Byne is now a Renaissance Fair enthusiast. Can you IMAGINE!??!?!
(Recon provided by Buzzfeed)

7. Find every Labradoodle on Pinterest and then REPIN them with the tag Poo-brador.


POO-brador with a snow beard!


8. Take Every quiz on Buzzfeed.
buzzfeed results

Every time…
(Results courtesy of Buzzfeed)

9. Write “Just thinking about you” letters to 30 of your closest friends.

10. Give your dog a haircut.

dog haircut

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Young at Heart

old-person-dancingI’m finally back in NYC after a long stint on the road!

I feel like I’ve totally lost touch with what a regular schedule is anymore. What’s a weekend? How do they work? You don’t work during them? But I thought Wednesdays were days off for everyone?
It’s the day in between your flight in from Spokane and your flight back out to Kansas City? Right?

I have never felt so tired in my life.  It reminds me of a time in my life when I did not understand just how tired an adult could get. Also, responsibilities, I didn’t understand those.

Flashback to my 13 year-old self, babysitting for my older brother. I remember literally bouncing into his house after my mom dropped me off and asked me if I was fully prepared to babysit two kids at once. “One kid, that’s not too bad, but TWO kids? Are you sure? I can stay you know. There’s no shame in accepting help from your mama. You know what? I’m going to just park the car…”

After I said “MOOOOOM C’MON” abut 40 times, she was finally convinced enough to drive down to the end of the block and set up her stake out at the Dunkin Donuts.

I was really proud of myself. I considered myself a martyr, giving up my Friday night so my brother and his wife could go out and PAR-TAY all night long. I legit thought that he was going to be kicking it at the club until 3AM and I was totally PREPARED to stay up for it.

When I asked him what club he was gonna hit and that I recommended the Crazy Horse (Shout out to the OC!!) he told me they were probably just going to go to dinner and come right back.

I had never been so angry as I was when I found out my brother was essentially going to WASTE his Friday night. I had given up MY Friday night just so that HE could have one and now he wasn’t even going to make proper use of it. I tried to convince him to really go out there, grab Friday night by the tail and not let go until he blacked out like all the kids I watched on The Real World.  But my efforts were lost on my middle-aged brother with two kids and I packed up my babysitting gear at 10PM just in time for he and his wife to catch 20/20.

I look back on that day and I want to punch my former self in the face. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU 13 YEAR-OLD ME???? OF COURSE they don’t want to go to a club. Who wants to go to a club past 23 unless you’re from Jersey!!

I learned an important lesson that day: Being an adult sucks.

I vowed to stay as immature as possible for as long as I could to avoid adulthood at all costs.

And I’ve kept that promise, doing standup comedy every night of the week, getting paid with watered down alcoholic beverages and living off 99 cent pizza.

The moral of the story is: Follow your dreams and stay away from adulthood.

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NEXT Friday the 25th SAVE THE DATE!
It’s going to be the first live show at The Experiment Comedy Gallery !!!
There will be music, food, comedy, people you like…
SO many reasons to come out.

We’re super excited about this lineup!
Anna Phillips
Sean O’Brien
Lane Pieschel
Sue Smith
Pete Lee
Megan Sass
& Montgomery Streets

Show starts at 7:30 so get our of work (or bed) early!


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Eliana the HuttPeople say sex sells, so I’m using all my sexuality to get you to these shows this week:

8/25: 7:30pm @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club
8/26: 7:30pm @ Syracuse FunnyBone
8/27: 7:30pm @ Hartford FunnyBone
8/28: 8:00pm @ The Village Lantern
8/30: 7:30pm @ Harford FunnyBone

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This Thursday Storytelling!!!

You’ve heard me do stand up, I’m assuming, but have you heard me tell a story???
If not GET IT TOGETHER and come watch me this Thursday 2/19!


Storytellers Live SHow

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