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Things You Do While Waiting to Hear Back from a Job Your REALLY Want

1. Watch the entirety of Season 4 Dexter.

Rita’s dead?!?!?! oh wait, everybody knew that IN 2008!!

2. Personal Grooming.


3. Retail Therapy

4. Learn a new language on Duolingo and get frustrated when you can’t figure out how to say “I got the job!” in French.


6. Figure out where all my favorite 90’s sitcom stars went.

youn g grid-cell-12234-1380679502-5

Brendan Lambert AKA Frank’s son on the CLASSIC Step-by-Step AKA Josh Byne is now a Renaissance Fair enthusiast. Can you IMAGINE!??!?!
(Recon provided by Buzzfeed)

7. Find every Labradoodle on Pinterest and then REPIN them with the tag Poo-brador.


POO-brador with a snow beard!


8. Take Every quiz on Buzzfeed.
buzzfeed results

Every time…
(Results courtesy of Buzzfeed)

9. Write “Just thinking about you” letters to 30 of your closest friends.

10. Give your dog a haircut.

dog haircut

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Hump Day How To FOUR the Win!!!

Groundhog Day is coming up and we don’t want to be caught unawares!
I wasn’t raised a boy scout, but I did do some girl scouting and we borrowed from the boys from time to time.
That’s why I always know how to BE PREPARED!

This week, I’ll prepare you with:


Find yourself thirsting for more knowledge??
Click here and drink my milkshake! Drink it UP!

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Hump Day How To TWO!!!!

I done did it again!
Made another video that teaches you some valuable skills.

Watch. Learn. Be enthralled.

Can’t get enough?
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Click Here and rejoice in all that is great!

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First Ever Hump Day How To!!!

I made a video!
I defied laziness and recorded myself saying some things into a camera while making a thing!

Every week on magical Hump Day I will take you through a very fun and VERY useful DIY! This week is no exception as it is the first week of my evil plan! muahahahaha

Check it out!

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That’s right! I’m in Omaha doing standup at
omaha logo
Suite 201, 17305 Davenport St, Omaha, NE 68118
It’s the late show so put some caffeine in you and come on down at

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