Stand Up

Upcoming Dates:lucey's stand up 8.1.14
April 17th @Summer Camp (New York, NY)





And Dates you missed but places where I’LL BE BACK! :
May 18th @ The Comedy Palace (San Diego, CA)
May 24th @ Palms (Hollywood, CA)
May 25th @ Westwood VA Hospital (Westwood, CA)
May 26th @ Palms (Hollywood, CA)
June 2nd @ Palms (Hollywood, CA)
June 6th @ Room 5 (Hollywood, CA)
August 2nd @ The Cobra Club (Bushwick, NY)
September 1st @ Ice House (Pasadena, CA)
September 14th @ Improv Boston (Cambridge, MA)
September 15th @ Improv Boston (Cambridge, MA)
November 13th @ Hostelling International (New York, NY)
December 9th @ Over the Eight (Williamsburg, NY)
December 18th @ Flappers (Burbank, CA)
December 19th @ Ice House (Pasadena, CA)
December 21st @ Tickles (Garden Grove, CA)
January 4th @ Comedy Palace (San Diego, CA)
January 8th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
January 9th @ Laughing Devil (Long Island City, NY)
January 24th @ Funnybone (Omaha, Nebraska)
January 29th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
February 4th @ People’s Republic (Brooklyn, NY)
February 7th @ UP Comedy Club(Chicago, IL)
February 10th @ 100 Proof (Chicago, IL)
February 26th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
February 28th @ Black Box Comedy Festival (Atlanta, GA)
March 1st @ Black Box Comedy Festival (Atlanta, GA)
March 1st @ 1AM Secret Show (Atlanta, GA)
March 5th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
February 5th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
March 13th @ Funnybone (Columbus, OH)
March 14th @ Camelot Cellars (Columbus, OH)
March 26th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
March 28th-29th @ Brew HaHa (Hartford, CT)
April 2nd @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
April 4th @ Oh My Ribs! (Hollywood, CA)
April 6th @ Laugh Factory (Hollywood, CA)
April 18th @ Stand and Deliver (Brooklyn, NY)
April 22nd @ Laughing Devil (Long Island City, NY)
April 30th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
May 1st @ Over the Eight (Williamsburg, NY)
May 7th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
May 8th @ The Creek & The Cave (Long Island City, NY)
May 28th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
May 31st @ Laugh Boston (Boston, MA)
June 4th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
June 12th @ People’s Republic of Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
June 22nd @ UCB Chelsea – Sketch show (New York, NY)
June 25th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
June 26th @ People’s Republic of Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
July 2nd @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
July 8th @ Manifesto – PRB (Brooklyn, NY)
July 10th @ This One Time…PRB (Brooklyn, NY)
July 18th @ Stand & Deliver – Freddy’s (Brooklyn, NY)
July 24th @ Stage V – 5th Estate (Brooklyn, NY)
July 28th @ Over the Eight (Brooklyn, NY)
July 30th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
August 6th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
August 14th Storytelling @ People’s Republic of Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)
August 20th @ Grisly Pear (Manhattan, NY)
August 24th @ Pine Box (Williamsburg, NY)
August 27th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
September 3rd @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
September 11th @ People’s Republic of Brooklyn (Brooklyn,NY)
September 25th @ Bar 2A (New York, NY)
September 27th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
September 28th @ Hifi (New York, NY)
October 1st @ Westside Comedy Theater(Santa Monica, CA)
October 1st @ Echoes Under Sunset (Los Angeles, CA)
October 2nd @ Brewdog Pub (Los Angeles, CA)
October 7th @ Manifesto PRB (Brooklyn, NY)
October 9th @ People’s Republic of Brooklyn (Brooklyn,NY)
October 23rd @ SheDevil Festival-Broadway Comedy Club (New York, NY)
October 24th @ SheDevil Festival-The West End (New York, NY)
October 29th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
November 3rd @ Secret Theater (New York, NY)
November 5th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
November 6th @ Jackknife (New York, NY)
November 7-8 @ Brew HaHa (Hartford, CT)
November 13th @ This One Time Storytelling (Brooklyn, NY)
November 17th @ CCF: Playhouse Square Kennedy’s Theater (Cleveland, OH)
November 18th @ CCF: Cleveland Bop Stop (Cleveland, OH)
December 2nd @ Amazingtown (New York, NY)
December 3rd @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
December 6th @ New York Comedy Club (New York, NY)
January 4th @ Headliners Ball ( Brooklyn, NY)
January 7th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
January 8th @ This One Time (Brooklyn, NY)
January 14th @ Hifi Bar (NYC, NY)
January 16th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
January 22nd @ The Brooklyn Hideout (Bushwick, NY)
January 27th @ Brit Pack (New York, NY)
January 28th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
January 30th @ Treehouse Theater (New York, NY)
February 4th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
February 5th @ Finger Lakes Festival (Lot 10: Ithaca, NY)
February 6th @ Finger Lakes Festical (Bigtime Barbershop: Ithaca, NY)
February 7th @ Finger Lakes Comedy Festival (Kilpatrick’s: Ithaca,NY)
February 11th @ Storytelling show (New York, NY)
February 12th @ This One Time… (Brooklyn, NY)
February 13th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
February 19th @ The West End (New York, NY)
February 22nd @ Beauty Bar (New York, NY)
February 23rd @ The Skinny (New York, NY)
February 25th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
March 2nd @ The Grey Lady (New York, NY)
March 4th @ Fort Wayne (IN)
March 5th @ Limelight Comedy Show (Warren, MI)
March 5th @ Ray & Laura’s Comedy Show (Hamtramck, MI)
March 6th @ Gilda’s LaughFest (Grand Rapids, MI)
March 7th @ Morty’s Comedy Club (Indianapolis, IN)
March 8th @ The Drop Comedy Club (South Bend, IN)
March 12th @ This One Time Storytelling Show (Brooklyn, NY)
March 13th @ Bitches Brew (Brooklyn, NY)
March 16th @ The Skinny (New York, NY)
March 17th @ The Fancy Show (Brooklyn, NY)
March 23rd @ Grey Lady (New York, NY)
March 24th @ BareBurger (New York,NY)
March 25th @ Bitches Brew (Brooklyn, NY)
March 27th @ Not-So-Secret Recordings (New York, NY)
March 29th @ Hifi (New York, NY)
April 1st @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
April 2nd @ 61 Local (Brooklyn, NY)
April 3rd @ Otto’s Shrunken Head (New York, NY)
April 9th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
April 10th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
April 22nd @ Funny Bone (Hartford, CT)
April 24th @ Bunga’s Den(New York, NY)
April 29th @ Lucey’s Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)
May 1st @ Britpack (New York, NY)
May 2nd @ Charm City Comedy Fest (Baltimore, MD)
May 4th @ The Skinny (New York, NY)
May 6th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
May 11th @ Freddy’s (Brooklyn, NY)
May 14th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
May 15-16 @ Brew HaHa (Hartford, CT)
May 24th @ Beauty Bar (New York, NY)
May 25th @ Bar 2A (New York, NY)
May 29th @ Bunga’s Den (New York, NY)
June 3rd @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
June 4th @ Laugh Girrl Riot Fest (Los Angeles, CA)
June 12th @ Karma (New York, NY)
June 15th @ Klimat Lounge (New York, NY)
June 26th @ Valley Stream (Long Island)
July 1st @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
July 10-11 @ Border City Comedy Fest (Windsor, ON)
July 20th @ Broadway Comedy Club (Devil’s Cup) (New York, NY)
July 20th @ Greenwich Comedy Club (Devil’s Cup) (New York, NY)
July 22nd @ Broadway Comedy Club (Devil’s Cup) (New York, NY)
July 23rd @ Broadway Comedy Club (New York, NY)
July 27th @ Klimat (New York, NY)
July 31st @ Bunga’s Den (New York, NY)
August 5th @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
August 20th @ Pacific Standard (Brooklyn, NY)
August 25th @ Greenwich Village Comedy Club (New York, NY)
August 26th @ Funny Bone (Syracuse, NY)
August 27th @ Funny Bone (Hartford, CT)
August 28th @ Village Lantern (New York, NY)
August 30th @ Funny Bone (Hartford, CT)
September 2nd @ Camp (Brooklyn, NY)
September 7th @ Freddy’s (Brooklyn, NY)
September 8th @ Bar Reis (Brooklyn, NY)
September 15th@ The West End (New York, NY)
September 18th @ Village Lantern (New York, NY)
September 23rd @ Funny Bone (Syracuse, NY)
September 25th @ The Experiment Comedy Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
October 1st @ Comic Strip (New York, NY)
October 4th @ Hifi (New York, NY)
October 5th @ Bunga’s Den (New York, NY)
October 9th @ Triple Crown (New York, NY)
October 14th @ NYFA (New York, NY)
October 17th @ Otto’s Shrunken Head (New York, NY)
October 21st @ Funny Bone (Hartford, CT)
October 22nd @ The Brokerage (Bellmore, NY)
October 23rd @ SheDevil Festival (New York, NY)
October 25th @ Bunga’s Den (New York, NY)
October 26th @ Barely Making It! (New York, NY)
October 28th @ Two Boots (Brooklyn, NY)
October 30th @ The Experiment Comedy Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
November 1st @ The Experiment Comedy Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
November 4th @ Helium (Buffalo, NY)
November 14th @ Dizzy’s (Brooklyn, NY)
November 15th @ Hifi Bar (New York, NY)
November 17th @ Word Up (New York, NY)
November 19-22nd @ Funnybone (Syracuse, NY)
November 23rd @ Giggle Pit (New York, NY)
November 24th @ No Fun Bar (New York, NY)