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Each week four L.A. based comedians sit down to record themselves talking. It’s a little egocentric but people seem to like it. Current events, pop culture, the best burrito in LA, anything can turn up thanks to our diverse cast of mostly semi-employed people. Unlike most comedy podcasts though, ours is not only a group of guys and a mic, it is also a group of guys AND A GIRL and a mic. How do you like that Susan B. “anachronistic currency” Anthony! Produced by the new-media juggernaut Mike Cioffi, of Adam Carolla Podcast fame, we hope one day we will recoup our operating costs. If you have a good handle on reality, give us a try; we’ll break you.


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I love to relisten to the episodes, which is something I hardly ever do for anything else. Great fun and great atmosphere. Certainly a highlight during my week. As far as to the content, it’s hilarious. It’s incredibly immature. But for good measure, I let my mother listen to it and she also loves it, particularly Eliana. I’m partial to the whole crew.


World's Greatest ***** 0SEZN0
This show does something I love, something that so few shows do, it goes highbrow and lowbrow all at once. It mixes literary references and pop culture, science updates and silly voices, politics and poop jokes. It’s got something for everyone!
Highbrow lowbrow comedy ***** Multiple Choice
By far the best podcast on itunes.
Amazing ***** JMac88
If Howard Stern and Adam Corolla had a baby and then shunned the undoubtably ugly child for being funnier than them, it would be you guys.
A ***** WawpinDynasty
Our long national nightmare is over: Megaboom!! Radio is back and better than ever! I laughed ’til I cried! Insert some more cliches here!

I really can’t say enough good things about this show. I commute two hours to work every day via train, so I listen to a lot of podcasts – comedy, news, murd- I mean… sports… and I can honestly say Megaboom!! is not only hands down the one I’m most excited to listen to with each new episode, but pretty much the only one I replay more than once. And I laugh just as hard the second time, much to the bewilderment of the other people on said train.

Megaboom!! is a podcast unlike anything you’ve heard before – a unique, fresh, compelling listenable, and freakin’ hilarious podcast by some LA-based comedians and writers (and Lars). The format can vary from their unique, lighthearted spin about current events, scripted “bits,” personal stories, and just plain all out big comedy. It’s like spending half an hour just hanging out with a bunch of your friends, laughing until it hurts. Or at least that’s what I imagine that would feel like if I had any friends. Until then, there’s Megaboom!!

3 2 1 and in ***** Scott Bogle
Clever, witty, honest and fresh. If you are looking for the NEXT BIG THING look no further than these guys and gal. One part Howard Stern and Co., one part Seinfeld, and one part Bill Maher. Listening to them gives you the feel of a lost afternoon around a table of friends at your local watering hole. Revolutionizing the podcast landscape is MEGABOOM!! Listen to them or die.
The Most Important Review ***** Nuztradamus
This show is so awesome that I’m actually taking time that I should be spending writing a 200pg dissertation in biomedicine that I only have 20 more days to complete to write a review for Megaboom. In fact, with every new character that I write, that’s one less that’s getting written in my dissertation. I’m not sure why I’m continuing to write all this stuff about why I shouldn’t be writing, but I just can’t stop myself for some reason. Anyway, do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast from the first episode – its worth it!
Better than sex with Artemis ***** Joshua Rhett
I love this podcast!! You guys have such hilarious banter, and I listen to this while walking to class and always catch myself laughing…but then I have to stifle my laughter when I realize that people are looking at me like a crazy person that laughs to themselves, alone…sometimes while riding the bus. Still though, I’m willing to sacrifice my reputation as a sane human being for these 30-40 minutes of joy. Keep ’em coming!!
Laughably fantastic ***** Annark



Imagine a word party full of delicious topical snack. Mmmm, snacks. What’s Goin’ On IS that party. All the new stories, trends and gossip you should be discussing with your lady friends and possibly some curious man friends.

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